Blogs Intention

The intention of this blog is to inspire people to a higher state of awareness.  Understanding that we are all connected and that the world needs new leaders, I am looking for those who are searching for ways to awaken and who may want to learn to live deliberately through the Avatar path.

I am an Avatar Master who has been practicing the tools given to me by Harry Palmer since 2006. These tools have directed and inspired me to a new level of awareness of my true nature and purpose.   The Exercise on Compassion is just one of the many tools designed by Harry Palmer to awaken a new level of understanding. “Being that a greater understanding of compassion leads to enlightenment.”

Harry’s tools, and the practice of them, give you “world” lesson, rather than “word”  lessons.  It is these world lesson or experiental learnings of the truth that move us forward… in his words, if you want to know what an apple tastes like, eat it.  Also the truth that you find will always be your truth.

In this blog you will also find quotes and information from other truely inspirational beings who are using what they know, to direct the world and the people in it, to a new stage of understanding.  I hope you will find the information helpful for your journey.

In the world where there are many paths to the truth, may this blog inspire you to find a way home.


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